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Learn the secret formula to publishing success from Author, Publisher and Author Success Coach, Carolyn Flower.

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What You Will Learn

Use this Guide as your personal GPS to Author Success! Use the interactive fields to record your personal insights so you will be equipped to get in the game for your forthcoming author adventure!

  • The Five Pillars Method of your Pathway to Publishing Success for your journey to become a published Author.
  • The W5 Questions you need to ask yourself to lay the strong and sturdy foundation before you even begin writing your book! 
  • How to juggle the intuitive and practical writing process, and how to listen when they speak to you at all hours of the day (and night)!
  • The 10 most common limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from achieving your author dream. 
  • The value of a customized interior & exterior Book Design. 
  • Learn insider promotional secrets so you avoid the Magic Disappearing Act when you publish.
  • The 10 best-selling authors you would never have guessed began by self-publishing their books.
  • Identify your Brand and your Best Qualities.
  • Discover how your book will help build your credibility in your areas of expertise and amplify your already stellar influence
  • YES YOU CAN! From this day forward, you earn the right to call yourself a forthcoming Author!