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1-1 Mentorship Clients


Achieve your writing and publishing goals.

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Forthcoming author of Attracted to Crazy

"If you are finally ready to write that book, do yourself a favor and sign up for the VIP AUTHOR LAB WORKSHOPS & MASTERMIND with Carolyn Flower.  I couldn’t believe what we were able to accomplish! In just one day, we went from basic concept to clear thesis, from a bullet list of random points to coherent introduction and table of contents – having that framework is essential to being able to write.  At the end of our session, I knew exactly what I was writing, why I was writing it, and for whom. And it’s all been falling into place since. Also, she has great snacks!"

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Professional Speaker, Coach and bestselling author of The Piñata Theory™ What’s in Your Stuffing? Change Your Stuffing, Change Your Life!

"I am in awe of this woman. Her brand is a reflection of her brilliance. She has been my independent publishing consultant since early 2017. Her professionalism, guidance, experience and intuitive ability was universally aligned. She was the perfect person to help me launch The Pinata Theory, now a bestseller on Amazon. I am blessed and honored to be empowered by Carolyn. I highly recommend working with her!


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Forthcoming Author 

"Your presence and guidance has impacted me in becoming the very best version of me! I am so grateful to have you as my coach. The skills and life changing technics you provide inspires me daily. Thank you as I continue to be amazed from your teachings!  Much love!"


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Professional Singer, Songwriter, Voice Actor

"Her strength of character and outlook are so completely reassuring. She is a clear communicator and delivers her message in a very caring and constructive manner. I could listen to her speak all day! But she listens as well, with her head and her heart. Her experience and wealth of knowledge allows her to impart wisdom and guidance that is intuitive and nurturing. She’s a natural!"


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Founder of Funk to Flow Training

"What makes Carolyn so great is her unwavering conviction that you have something important to say. Give her just a few minutes and that idea that has been oodling around in your head but you have been afraid to share, will come out and all of a sudden you will start thinking “I can do this” and more importantly – “I have to do this because what I have to say will improve the world.” Give her a few more minutes and you will have a working title and a plan to make it happen and you will be on your way. She truly has a great gift."

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Bestselling author of Beautiful Disaster: a Collection of Reflections from My Heart and Soul to Yours.

"I want to send a heartfelt thank you to my author/ mentor Carolyn Flower for walking with me through this odyssey with such compassionate tender nurturing and assertive empowerment... For believing in me and me to be true to all of me...even when I’m afraid and feel so unsteady. Your grounding raised me up."

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Bestselling author of Caregiving: A Journey of the Heart – Stories to Feed the Spirit and Nourish the Soul

"I never thought this day would come. make dreams come true!"

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Author of Maktub: A Journey

"I still can’t believe that my book is out in the world. Without Carolyn, her private coaching and her team, my book would have remained dormant forever.

When I met Carolyn unexpectedly, I had written my entire manuscript. I wasn’t really thinking I would publish it! When Carolyn quickly created a comprehensive timeline for me, I knew I’d been guided to her. Each week during our 1-1 coaching calls, there were small goals to achieve. She guided me one step at a time. In 7 months, I became a published author! Carolyn is a kind, open, flexible, efficient, patient, caring and loving teacher/coach. She pushes you gently, and guides you smoothly. She has an awesome team working with her; all caring and efficient just like her, supporting me at each stage. I had a great editor who poured her heart to my manuscript. A wonderful designer who created a fantastic covers as well as each and every page and an excellent technical director who created my website. Carolyn orchestrated everything." 

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Bestselling Author of the Athena Prodigies

"I have enjoyed and thoroughly appreciated all of the help, guidance and mentoring from Carolyn and her team over the last few months. You have taught me so much and have taken a potentially overwhelming experience and turned it into an enjoyable learning opportunity. Today I am grateful for having your help on this journey. I’m delighted to fully endorse your mentorship, you are a powerhouse team."

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Bestselling Author of Becoming One

"Not only did I enjoy the whole process from start to finish, I also found myself wanting to learn more. And let me tell you there is not one day that goes by that I don’t learn from Carolyn Flower. There is no end to the learning and everything is possible when you are partnered with the right team."

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Author of Willy’s World of Adventure: Volume One – Sweet Treat

"Working with Carolyn 1:1 is an incredible investment.  The time that we spent together was not just about writing a book; it was an opportunity to learn about how to navigate the dynamic and confusing journey authorship and book-writing while simultaneously discovering who you are as a creative force.  Her style of mentorship ensures it is all about YOU and YOUR vision. You may not even be aware yet of where you’re going, but with Carolyn’s help, you’ll explore paths you never knew were yours to explore. Her skill develops and elevates your talent. It’s very exciting."

Group Mentorship Clients

Accoutability and Action

Join an intimate immersion group of emerging authors and use the power of the mastermind your story needs to move through concept, development to publishing. 

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" I so appreciated you sharing your knowledge and expertise so freely. I am not only thankful for the amazing support and validation of my book idea, but also thank you for giving me the confidence and security to move forward. I have such excitement and anticipation about bringing my book to life."

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" Carolyn, you were amazing! Like a “birthing book” doula, you held lovingly the space so I could safely share my ideas about my book. Then you gave me wise feedback that validated that my book, wisdom and energy was needed. It gave me trust that I was able to write it, and a lovely vibe of excitation too. I can’t wait to hold my paperback on my hands and embrace the success its energy will create!"

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"Thank you for your generosity and encouragement in those amazing Workshops. I came into them wondering if I had it in me to actually write a book and left feeling inspired, energized and KNOWING that this is something I not only could do but HAVE to do. Thank you so much."

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"A huge thanks Carolyn for your amazing generosity and caring support both during your Workshops over the three days. You have a wonderful energy and so much wisdom that you are willing to share. I know have self confidence and belief about creating a book and being supported to publish it, and most importantly that it can happen with nurturing feminine energy rather than feeling that its a project to manage. I look forward to doing more of the sections in your comprehensive workbook and travelling the journey. Thank you very much."

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"Thank you for sharing your gifts and knowledge with all of us at the JTW Entrepreneur Festival. I only attended one of your five Workshops but this was all I needed to push me into action and publish a book. I am excited to collaborate and empower one and other in our 12 week group coaching over the summer."

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"I attended all five your workshops at the JTW Entrepreneur Festival. I had been nurturing two book ideas for so very long (over 15 years). In those workshops, you held the space and allowed me to shine a light on my dreams and book ideas, whilst sharing your expertise about the publishing process, I began to feel the tingles of excitement to bring my book(s) into reality and hold them in my hands. You listened with every core of your being, recognizing how I spoke , what I was truly saying and where my energy and excitement lay. But it didn’t stop within your sessions, you were listening to us all throughout the event and would nod or whisper to us, reflecting back to us something we had revealed, you could see how this all fed in to our books. Thank you thank you Carolyn. You have given me the confidence to make this happen and I am excited and lit up."

1 Day VIP & Elite Author Retreats


1 Day VIP (Author Labs) and Elite Author Retreats brings your author alive with outstanding clarity and results. Retreats provide a mini-seaside getaway too! 

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Vice-President of Administration (IBEX Pharmaceuticals Inc.)

"It is hard to believe that it was a little over a week ago today when I arrived in Venice Beach agitated and impatient, with my head spinning from what I call “bedlam”. The timing was just right – I was coming out of a difficult  change in my personal life, I have been pondering my retirement plans just a few short years away, and have been facing what will shortly be the 10th year since the loss of my wonderful husband. I knew that the ocean with its healing powers would help, so I jumped on the opportunity I was offered to join Carolyn at her beach retreat to relax. However, I got so much more! I was welcomed into a loving and nurturing environment where I did some important soul searching while meditating by the sea. I came to some important realizations while there, and with Carolyn’s words of encouragement and guidance, I feel so much calmer and in control. I even have the beginnings of ideas for my future retirement plans! Thank you my very dear friend, for helping me start the healing I need to move forward."

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Certified Alzheimer Care Consultant (PAC), Certified Professional Consultant on Aging (CPCA), Conference Speaker, Educator, Founder and President of Caregiver Crosswalk Inc.

"There are literally no words that could possibly describe my “Author by the Sea” experience with you Carolyn! – Inspirational, awakening, Focused, emotional and personal…. What an incredible gift it was for me to be immersed in a creative writing weekend with you and have you devote all of you energy towards getting me organized and aligned towards my book. Prior to this weekend, I felt incredibly overwhelmed and disorganized with regards to being a potential author but thanks to you have since found a complete sense of direction and am 100% motivated.  Without a doubt, anyone who is considering or in the midst of writing a book should spend a weekend by the sea with you! With sincerest gratitude."

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CEO at Harmonia Media

"I am just getting back from an amazing Author Immersion Workshop experience with Carolyn, working on my 2nd book which was stuck in reverse for the last 2 years! Now, I am feeling Turbo Charged, and ready to cross the finish line at full speed! Spending such quality time with Carolyn, helping me move my book forward significantly in just a few days was a a beautiful experience and well worth the investment. She picked an idyllic setting by the Gulf of Mexico, on the beach in Venice, FL. The location was so relaxing, so beautiful, all my creativity was flowing and I wrote several chapters in just a few days, we organized my whole manuscript, discussed editing process, worked on the front and back matter, the covers, it was just divine! I highly recommend this for a new author or anyone who is feeling stuck. We had delicious food, spent time by the beach and the pool, relaxing and feeling good. It helped my confidence and now I am dedicated to having Carolyn as my Author Coach going forward. She is smart, generous with her time and expertise, creative and very kind. The combination of al these deliverables, benefits has me feeling more confident as an author than ever before. We are going to rock this and so can you!"

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Masters in Educational and Counselling Psychology, Inspirational Speaker, Forthcoming Author

"From the first moment I met Carolyn I realized I’d not only found someone who could help make my book dreams a reality, but rather had connected with a kindred spirit who deeply understood what was holding me back in the first place.  Her coaching and mentorship have shaped so much more than my writing. What I experienced when I attended her Immersion Workshop in Florida was a heart filled with emotion over what we accomplished together. What was once a wish, now a burning desire taking shape before my eyes. Inspired and exhausted, and so proud of myself! As she read my book premise out loud to me, I began to cry.  “I am on my way”, I thought, “I am on my way."

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Founder of Digital Business Boutique and the Course Creator’s Inner Circle ™

"I’ve been told for years that I should write a book. I understand the impact becoming an author can make on my business. However, I doubted that I had any expertise that was “book-worthy”. One conversation with Carolyn and she helped me identify exactly what I knew I could write about and now I am so excited! Thank you Carolyn for helping me take this important step in my business!"

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