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Director of the Co-authored Books Division and Chief Executive Editor at Oxygen Publishing Agency

Richard Tardif is an investigative journalist, bestselling author, editor, and proven writing and speaking coach who is dedicated to getting everyone's story right.

He has a tangible and sympathetic heart to share with readers, wordsmiths, and other professional communicators. Well known for turning first drafts into bestselling books and bland essays into persuasive speeches, Richard offers professional editing and ghostwriting adventures and one-on-one speaking and writing seminars for those with a resonating desire for transformation. When you become a competent writer, speaker, and communicator, you have all the authority and competence you’ll ever need.


As an accomplished and experienced writer, I needed an editor who would recognize and appreciate my unique writing style while also finding ways to tighten it up. That's precisely what I got with Richard Tardif. Our weekly editing calls highlighted the book publishing process for me. They were true collaborative conversations that led to an exceptional final manuscript that I am more than pleased with. Richard is that rare editor who knows all the grammatical and syntax stuff and understands that good writing sometimes must break the rules.

Jarod Karol, author of A White Guy Confronting Racism: An Invitation to Reflect and Act 

Partnering with Carolyn, Richard and the Oxygen Publishing team has been one of the best decisions I've made as an entrepreneur. As I set out to write my first book, I realized I needed help. Although I know my craft in brand messaging, I am not a seasoned writer. The authorship process seemed foreign and intimidating – until I met Carolyn and her team. Oxygen has made the journey a rewarding experience. I have learned more about myself and my expertise through the publishing process than I ever dared to imagine. The collaboration and co-creation that Oxygen offers have produced a book that I am proud to say I authored. It's not just another business book; it depicts my expertise perfectly, crafted with the support of a team of thoughtful, high-integrity, and exceptionally experienced professionals. Whether you have a new book idea or have already written many pages, Oxygen will empower you to develop your written masterpiece with confidence, passion, and purpose.

Kate DiLeo, author of Muting the Megaphone: Stop telling stories and start having conversations

Writing and publishing this novel was a dream a long time in the making, and Oxygen Publishing's Richard Tardif helped make it the best it could be. I spent three years writing and re-writing Whiteout and the pandemic offered an excellent opportunity to concentrate on my book. I knew I needed an objective eye to truly polish my work. 

I expected editing to be tedious, or my work would disappear into some dark hole and change my book entirely. The reality was not even close to that. I was surprised by Richard's collaborative process which proved to be one of the most positive and satisfying parts of the publishing process. 

Richard had great insight into what parts of the story should be removed, tweaked, and what should remain exactly as it is. I learned something new every session. He was constructive and encouraging. There was never any doubt in Richard’s mind that this would be my only novel. His favorite quotes were always in the vein of “In your next novel…” and “Remember this for next time…” interspersed with “I really like what you did here…” throughout. 

Richard and I had great discussions about changes to be made, most of which I heeded. The odd time I dug my heels in, he understood, and we kept on working. 

I loved working with Richard, and I’m proud of our accomplishments. I look forward to working with him again! 

Kathleen Lee, author of Whiteout

I am impressed by the editing experience, which began first with Richard Tardif discovering the overall spirit of the manuscript before proposing any change. Progressively, and with the regular meetings, it soon became a co-editing experience, allowing both of us to rediscover the manuscript routinely and upgrade it every day to the next level.  

It is said that the author’s role is done once he finishes writing; this editing experience proved to me that the author’s role only begins once the manuscript is ready for editing and having an editor willing and enjoying going with the writer over and over through the manuscript journey is simply a blessing. Thank you, Richard, for your support.

Ziad Matta, author of Raheel: The Impossible Departure

I had the privilege of working with Oxygen Publishing on my recently published memoir. The entire team made my first-time author experience easy with their commitment and expertise. I was incredibly fortunate to have been assigned Richard Tardif as my editor. I was nervous about having anyone critique my work, as it is a very personal story of my journey of loss. From the first time I met with Richard, he provided a safe place for me to be my authentic self. He encouraged me to take time to process my feelings and emotions as we worked through the pages of my memoir. I looked forward to our Friday afternoon sessions as together we edited my manuscript to its finished product. It is a masterpiece that we created. Thank you, Richard, and the Oxygen Team. 

Margo Sage, author of Ordinary Miracles: Life After Loss

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