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Schedule your free consult with expert author success coach, publisher and bestselling author, Carolyn Flower. She has inspired her clients around the world to light up their creative imagination and she's ready to help you too! Gain qualified, professional expertise, insights and inspiration to feel energized and empowered to write and publish your book.

"What makes Carolyn so great is her unwavering conviction that you have something important to say. Give her just a few minutes and that idea that has been noodlling around in your head but you have been afraid to share, will come out and all of a sudden you will start thinking "I can do this" and more importantly - "I have to do this because what I have to say will improve the world." Give her a few more minutes and you will have a working title and a plan to make it happen and you will be on your way. She truly has a great gift."

The Purpose Coach

"There are no words that could possibly describe my “Author by the Sea” experience with Carolyn in Florida other than inspirational, awakening, focused, emotional and personal. What an incredible gift it was for me to be immersed in a creative writing process where all energy and focus was devoted to getting me organized and aligned towards my book. I've always felt incredibly overwhelmed and disorganized about being a future author but now I've found my sense of direction and am 100% motivated. Without a doubt, anyone who is considering or in the midst of writing a book should spend a day or a weekend with Carolyn! "

Certified Alzheimer Care Consultant, Certified Professional Consultant on Aging, Speaker, Educator, Founder and President of Caregiver Crosswalk Inc. Forthcoming author of The Fall and Rise of Superwoman: A Caregiver’s Crosswalk to Navigate the Journey of Dementia

Carolyn's "Become An Author - Build Your Book" Workshops to emerging authors in Birmingham, England.

Group Coaching Clients Share Their Experiences

"I so appreciated you sharing your knowledge and expertise so freely. I am not only thankful for the amazing support and validation of my book idea, but also thank you for giving me the confidence and security to move forward. I have such excitement and anticipation about bringing my book to life. "


"Carolyn, you were amazing! Like a "birthing book" doula, you held lovingly the space so I could safely share my ideas about my book. Then you gave me wise feedback that validated that my book, wisdom and energy was needed. It gave me trust that I was able to write it, and a lovely vibe of excitation too. I can't wait to hold my paperback on my hands and embrace the success its energy will create! "

Isabelle Salomon

"Thank you for sharing your gifts and knowledge with all of us at the JTW Entrepreneur Festival. I only attended one of your five Workshops but this was all I needed to push me into action and publish a book. I am excited to collaborate and empower one and other in our 12 week P.O.D. Group Coaching over the summer. "

Natalie Wilkins

"I attended all five your workshops at the JTW Entrepreneur Festival. I had been nurturing two book ideas for so very long (over 15 years). In those workshops, you held the space and allowed me to shine a light on my dreams and book ideas, whilst sharing your expertise about the publishing process, I began to feel the tingles of excitement to bring my book(s) into reality and hold them in my hands. You listened with every core of your being, recognizing how I spoke , what I was truly saying and where my energy and excitement lay. But it didn’t stop within your sessions, you were listening to us all throughout the event and would nod or whisper to us, reflecting back to us something we had revealed, you could see how this all fed in to our books. Thank you thank you Carolyn. You have given me the confidence to make this happen and I am excited and lit up."

Julia Harvey

"A huge thanks Carolyn for your amazing generosity and caring support both during your Workshops over the three days. You have a wonderful energy and so much wisdom that you are willing to share. I know have self confidence and belief about creating a book and being supported to publish it, and most importantly that it can happen with nurturing feminine energy rather than feeling that its a project to manage. I look forward to doing more of the sections in your comprehensive workbook and travelling the journey. Thank you very much. "

Elizabeth Gordon

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