Oxygen Publishing House Founder Carolyn Flower leads your team of publishing professionals who offer a breath of fresh air in an industry that often classifies a book simply as a product, instead of elevating it to the worthy status it deserves - an author's mission and vision. Your book is an integral part of you, your brand and your future. No matter the genre you choose to write, your vision is key and our mission at Oxygen Publishing is to help you breath life into your books: idea concept, development, author coaching, writing, editing, design, branding, promotion, publishing and business beyond your book, you'll find these NEXT GEN options, all under one roof, at Oxygen Publishing House.



There are no rejection letters at Oxygen Publishing. Every manuscript is fully assessed for publication readiness. You and your team decide what's next. All investment fees are fully proposed and disclosed. We aim to please with ease and transparency. We look forward to meeting you and help bring your book to life.


Sometimes, the biggest challenge is making a commitment and decision that you will embark on the author journey. Learn strategies and principles to achieve results with ease. Take advantage of private and group coaching programs to achieve your goals and success. 


Throughout the book publishing journey, there are a multitude of areas that will require your team of experts creating your masterpiece:  editing, exterior and interior design, proofreading, uploading your book to the right selling platforms. We manage the project so you don't have to. 


Before you publish, your readers need to know your book is on it's way! Choose promotional strategies like a pre-sale campaign, press release, press kit, self-promotion, media relations, online or live launch, book signings, author branding. Bring your readers to you!


You may not have your manuscript ready yet but you have an idea or concept for your book and you're ready to take action. Maybe you simply want more information. If any of these Oxygen Options look interesting to you, we would be happy to discuss what might be the best fit so you can achieve your goal. Schedule your FREE 30-minute author consult and we'll answer your questions and get you started on your pathway to publishing.

Manuscript Assessment

Begin Within. Embark on your publishing journey with a manuscript assessment by a professional intake team who will offer an evaluation and feedback to take you to the next step. 

Editing and Proofreading

Handle With Care. Put you manuscript into the care of a qualified objective editor who is dedicated to respecting your vision and voice, and ensuring your book is the very best it can be. 

Exterior Cover Design

Book Design Dream Team. Your personal team of creative cover designers at your service. Prime real estate, with your name on it, to entice your reader to purchase the quality on the inside. 

Interior Format Design

Quality Inside and Out. Post-edit interior formatting that will tantalize any reader. Our team partners with your imagination. Watch your words and wisdom come to life. 

Marketing & Promotion

You Are Your Brand. Learn the fine art of self-promotion, create a pre-sale and launch campaign, book signing events, press release and press kit and media relations.  You are a walking billboard for your book. 

Paperback, HC or Digital

Show Up In Style! Your book will look great no matter which style you choose! Paperback, Hardcover, Digital, or all three. Discuss distribution options with your team and how to get your books into the hands of readers. 

Online Distribution

Here and There. Local online or expanded distribution worldwide. Your options are plentiful.  Selling your book online gives you a worldwide author presence to amplify your influence.

Print & Retail Distribution

Print To Go. Our book project may be a family affair, or a small print run of a specialized style. Or you can order from your online selling platform dashboard. For those who want a greater reach into a retail marketplace, our channels will soon include options for authors to expand their reach. 

Business Beyond Books

Your Book and Beyond. Once published, books take on a life of their own.  It's a digital learning age and the knowledge commerce industry calls on us to teach our expertise and grow as leaders. Published books are the ideal foundation for a lucrative online commerce business. Monetize your years of experience and expertise.

Author Coaching Programs

Private or Group Mastermind Coaching. Learn the "how to's" of becoming an author. Feel at ease with an accountability partner, immersion and acceleration coaching.  You'll discover how to master your mindset, goal achieving habits, self-promotion, media marketing  and how you are 24/7 billboard for your author brand.

Because you ARE your Brand.  


You will be delighted with our unique personalized approach with a fully integrated and clearly defined pathway to publishing your book and beyond. There are no rejection letters at Oxygen Publishing. Every manuscript is fully assessed for publication readiness. You and your team decide what's next. We aim to please with ease and transparency. We look forward to meeting you and help bring your book to life.


Welcome to Oxygen Publishing. Tell us about your book! To access the Submission Questionnaire located on our website, please click below. Please read your Options carefully. We hope to hear from you soon!

No Book Left Uncovered Guarantee

Each manuscript submitted is considered for publishing. Together we will determine the best way to help you achieve your goal of being a published author with the options available at Oxygen Publishing. We’ll prepare a proposal that is uniquely designed for your requirements. We respect your privacy. Your manuscript is shared only with our submission intake team.


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