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"I am a very proud, brand new author! My children’s book, One Cabbage Lane has just launched thanks to the great collaboration I had with Oxygen Publishing. Thank you to Carolyn and the team for guiding me through what could’ve been a very complicated process for a newbie! There are a lot more steps and processes than one would imagine.

Joanne Cutler

Author of One Cabbage Lane


"I had the vision to create a dynamic, interactive, and beautiful children’s book.  When I met Carolyn I knew this was the team and company I wanted to help and guide me through such an incredible project. The Oxygen team was supportive, creative, and sincerely invested in my vision.  I felt like much more than a client; I am part of the Oxygen family.  This experience has provided me with the book I imagined and so much more." 

Jenny Q Kuspira 

Author of Willy’s World of Adventure: Sweet Treat

"My journey with Carolyn and her team at Oxygen was enriching, enabling me to improve my structure and offering me insight to accomplish my goal. What I liked most about Carolyn was how she pulled me out of my comfort zone and encouraged me to gain my self-confidence to become the author I only imagined before. Today I can proudly say that I am the author of an exciting children’s book. The team Oxygen experts makes dreams come alive." 

Maggie Faga

Author of A Rainbow for Dad 

Vanessa Venne

Author of "I Love That About Me" and "Je m'aime comme je suis."

Children’s books are magic in motion.

There are so many reasons to love children’s books and reading to our children. And there are just as many reasons to write children's books of your own, as well. If you are an aspiring children’s book author, you are in the right place.

  • Reading and storytelling are an essential part of a child’s learning process.

  • Invite curiosity and witness their wide-eyed wonder as their visual story comes to life.

  • Help children better understand themselves, the world around them.

Why not write a book of your own to inspire your children and the children of tomorrow?

Let us help inspire your imagination and develop your extraordinary children’s story.


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