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"I am a very proud, brand new author! My children’s book, One Cabbage Lane has just launched thanks to the great collaboration I had with Oxygen Publishing. Thank you to Carolyn and the team for guiding me through what could’ve been a very complicated process for a newbie! There are a lot more steps and processes than one would imagine."

Joanne Cutler

Author of "One Cabbage Lane" 

"I still can’t believe that my book is out in the world. Without Carolyn, her private coaching and her team, my book would have remained dormant forever.

Naoko Nakajima

Author of "Maktub: A Journey Home" 

"I am in awe of this woman. Her brand is a reflection of her brilliance. She has been my independent publishing consultant since early 2017. Her professionalism, guidance, experience and intuitive ability was universally aligned. She was the perfect person to help me launch The Pinata Theory, now a bestseller on Amazon. I am blessed and honored to be empowered by Carolyn. I highly recommend working with her!

Charlene Renaud

Professional Speaker, Coach and bestselling author of The Piñata Theory™ and Precious Piñata.

If you knew your book would change the life of another, would it be worth it to learn more?

If you are an individual who has always imagined becoming an author, an entrepreneur, leader, influencer who knows they have a story to share, what's holding you back?

  • Believe it into being. Imagine what it feels like holding your book with  your name on it staring back at you. 

  • Imagine how your world would change.  You've now written and inspired others. Just feel the pride in that possibility.

  • Your readers are grateful that you believed and imagined because now they do too. You've empowered them.  

Why not write a book of your own to inspire others and gain authority in the marketplace of tomorrow?

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