How I flipped the script about Black Friday

It's that time of year...again

Black Friday is upon us. I want to take this opportunity to wish a very Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating in my U.S. community.

Best wishes to you and your families for a wonderful holiday filled with blessings in abundance. We all have so much for which to be grateful.

In Canada, we celebrate Thanksgiving in October, but Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing has become the norm here as well.  Every year around this time, as I prepare for the coming year, I reflect not only on the speed of each year passing but on my key takeaways in retrospect.

This year has been a banner year in so many ways. For example, on this day last year, my mom was stable; I didn't know she would pass away four days later, on December 1st. If I were to choose the most significant thing that stood out for me in 2019, it would be the lessons I've learned about PERSPECTIVE.  So many things that I thought would move in one direction didn't, and the polar opposite: the Law of Polarity in it's truest sense. So this year, as we head into a frenzy of "holiday shopping," I'm offering a change in perspective. Let's focus less on what we can GET and more on what we can GIVE.  I realize that this weekend traditionally kicks off the holiday season - but instead, I'm going to see it as the kick-off to the "gratitude giving" season.

I've been fortunate this year to teach the art of authorship and publishing to a record number of new students around the world. Whether it was meeting via video conference 1-1 or in group coaching sessions, in person, at workshops I facilitated in the United Kingdom or California, or my backyard here in Montréal. There is nothing like the stories of others to inspire us forward.  

The publishing industry

A recurring theme this year was how much ambiguity and confusion there seems to be about the publishing industry in general.  It's a topic I will address head-on in the new year, and unlike my usually quiet and unassuming style (really?), I plan to be more vocal about the misconceptions and untruths. When I expanded my publishing footprint, I named my company Oxygen - A Next-Gen Publishing House, with intention. It was the first step to convey transparency, integrity, and trust in an industry that sorely lacks these qualities on a variety of levels. I've asked hundreds of questions this year to those who expressed a desire to amplify their influence in the marketplace, share their story, write their book and answered hundreds of questions in return.  I was, in a way, collecting data so that I could better serve clients, as well as prepare for a broader expansion I have planned for the new year. I want to be sure I'm well-positioned to deliver the information people want to know and teach what students want to learn. My new expansion includes online courses and a new book, which will answer as many of those questions as I can, but in the meantime, how could I provide a FAST TRACK so that you can achieve your immediate goals quicker and with ease today?  

So, while it never occurred to me to create a special "Black Friday" offer of my own until now, I think what I've come up with might qualify to help you move the needle forward as we wind down this decade and look forward into the next, in a bite-size, 90-minute segment.


>>ASK ME ANYTHING 90-minute Fast Track

ASK ME ANYTHING! 90-MIN FAST TRACK is laser coaching for aspiring and published authors to ask ANYTHING they need to know! Anyone can take ACTION and move closer, FASTER, to their goals.  I love helping clients and students transform ideas into reality and aspirations into targets, goals, and accomplishments. This time next year, the world will be buzzing about new books, brands, and businesses that are changing the world. Let's make yours one of them!

This is the call where we do it ALL!  

ASK MY ANYTHING is for those who have a ton of questions but have no one to ask how to move forward FAST.

Areas you may need help with:

  • Book idea conception
  • Book development and framework
  • Book content organization
  • Book discussion about moving out of a stall
  • Editing questions before submission
  • Publishing options
  • Amazon bestseller questions
  • Pre-sale campaign set up
  • Author Promotion
  • Promotional platform review
  • Book timeline discussion
  • Brand discovery, implementation
  • Brand and business
  • Book signings
  • Media Relations
  • Press Releases

ANYTHING you wish to ask that will help move you forward, FAST. 

Take a baby step and a quantum leap at the same time. 

>>Get on board the fast-track train to success.

>>BLACK FRIDAY Carolyn-style

I'll see you soon! 

With love and gratitude,


Carolyn Flower

INTERNATIONAL AUTHOR SUCCESS COACH • PUBLISHER • BESTSELLING AUTHOR | CEO at Carolyn Flower International | President at Oxygen Publishing House Inc. 

"Transforming writers dreams into author reality. Inspire yourself to write and publish your book and make a powerful impact on the world." 

~ Carolyn Flower

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