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author courage growth story Apr 01, 2019

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"I was blindsided. That’s probably the best way to describe how it felt, as a perfect storm of forces was brewing, never before experienced by any of us, and descended it’s wrath that day…and changed everything." - Linda Green,  September 12, 2015.

Meet Linda Green, the forthcoming author of Solving the Post Traumatic Stress Brain Injury Puzzle:  A First Responders' Discovery & Recovery Roadmap of Curiosity, Courage and Growth

Linda was the Incident Commander on the devastating Valley Fire, which destroyed almost 2000 structures as it burned across 76,000 acres in the CAL FIRE Sonoma-Lake-Napa Unit, and the heartbreak of lives lost. But in the months that followed this life-altering traumatic event she refers to as “her fire”, she knew something was very wrong, even though life seemed to be marching on as always...until it wasn’t.

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