A Summertime Solution for your NEXT LEVEL of SUCCESS!

Are you ready to reach your NEXT LEVEL of success?

How would it feel to achieve your writing and publishing goals by the end of 2019 and take 2020 by storm?

How would it feel to build a brand and business beyond your published book so you can serve more people and earn more by expanding your platform and amplifying your influence in the marketplace?

If you're growing tired of thinking about writing a book; telling others you're writing a book and are determined not to let one more year go by WITHOUT writing a book, I've got a summertime solution for you! A solution that is guaranteed to take you to the NEXT LEVEL so you can finally achieve the results that will put your author name on the map.

Your NEXT LEVEL of Success is reaching the NEXT LEVEL of YOU!

Introducing The Author Accelerator ~ Build Your Book, Brand and Business Group Coaching Program.


Your Next Level 

The first edition of The Author Accelerator ~ Build Your Book, Brand and Business Group Coaching Program launches on July 3rd for 12 weeks. This dynamic group coaching and mastermind environment is uniquely designed to raise YOU to published author status on on OR BEFORE January 1, 2020!

This is the accelerated, powered-up and personalized version of Webclass Wednesday LIVE!  Members will have access to the Author Resource Hub.  There will be weekly mastermind accountability, so as long as you remain committed, your success is guaranteed. We'll continue to meet weekly on Wednesday nights at 8 PM EDT | 5 PM PST, to coach and brainstorm in the following areas:

  • Mindset
  • Manuscript
  • Editing
  • Design
  • Promotion
  • Publishing
  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Online Business
  • Knowledge Commerce
  • Course Creation
  • Business
  • Beyond


Think about where you are currently in your author journey: are you still thinking about writing your book or well on your way in its development? Perhaps you have not yet written a book but have a brand and business you'd like to grow and publishing a book would complement your business model. You might have one burning question because you’re not sure how or where to begin or perhaps you have many questions to discover where the pathway leads for you.

No matter where you are right now in your "becoming an author" journey, the Author Accelerator ~ Build Your Book, Brand and Business Group Coaching Program weekly coaching and mastermind will include laser focused training workshops that are specific to YOUR needs. 

My goal is to add more value with my signature method of personalized guidance and accountability to help you write and publish your books, create your author brand and build a business model with ease and efficiency.  

The Author Accelerator ~ Build Your Book, Brand and Business Group Coaching Program is for anyone who is currently in the book-writing and publishing process, creating an author brand, and a business beyond their book. It is for everyone with aspirations to grow their visibility on the world stage by becoming thought leaders and authorpreneurs by speaking, creating online courses, programs, coaching and consulting. 

So I'm not actually abandoning my favorite Wednesday night teaching class; I'm ACCELERATING it! I am just changing the format to ensure you achieve RESULTS in any area you choose. 

We are halfway through 2019 already, and one thing I know for sure; There are authors who want very much to breathe life into their book(s) and want to serve others with their knowledge. It is my promise that I will help each and every one of you who decide to begin, or continue to build a brand and business.   

On July 3rd, we'll RISE to reach new heights for those who are ready for their NEXT LEVEL of success! Your future readers and clients are waiting.

This time next year the world will be buzzing about new books that are inspiring the world. 

Make yours one of them.  Results guaranteed!   


It all begins Wednesday, July 3rd! 

Your RESULTS await! 


AUTHOR • PUBLISHER • AUTHOR SUCCESS COACH | CEO of Carolyn Flower International | Founding Partner at Oxygen Publishing House Inc. | Creator of the Pathways to Publishing Academy © for Author Development.

"I transform beliefs and empower you to shape your story, write and publish your book to inspire the world. I believe that every individual’s story matters and the powerfully inspiring impact of sharing these stories with the world."

~ Carolyn Flower

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