Birthing Books and Birthing Babies! AUTHORS unite for a CAUSE.

Birthing Books and Birthing Babies. What's the connection?

Presenting the Author Fest Fundraiser Connection!

Earlier this year, I was pleased to become a Partner for Care to support the Lakeshore Hospital Foundation, who have the health of the West Island Community in their heart every day. Their mission is to offer healthcare excellence close to home to an ever-growing population.

Please HELP ME to help the Lakeshore General Hospital by contributing to a creative fundraising initiative. All proceeds will support the ongoing family care innovation at the Birthing Center at the Lakeshore General Hospital in Pointe-Claire, QC. This event will take place on Saturday, October 5th at the historic and stunning Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

My Why

If you've had coaching and published your book(s) with me and my outstanding team, we often refer to the Author Odyssey - the book writing-creating-editing-designing-promoting-publishing process of growth and transformation as birthing...a book. 

I grew up in the West Island (D.D.O.) and I am a proud Mom of two sons and a daughter. All of them were born at the Lakeshore General Hospital, and all were delivered by the late Dr. John Bray. As such, it was my request to specifically raise money and awareness for the Birthing Center of the Lakeshore General Hospital.   And YES, they have a "wish list" for 2019. (More on that in my next email)!

My first born son below in a regular operating room environment in May, 1991.  

I honor every family who has delivered their babies at the L.G.H. Birthing Center and the 1800 families who experience childbirth annually in this world class environment and facility.  The Birthing Center supports all of a mother's needs and is regularly upgrading their equipment. With your donation, you are making a DIRECT impact on patient care.  YOU can make a difference. 

My second son was born at the hospital in March 1995 and nearly 21 years ago, my daughter was born in October 1998. She was the only one of our children not born in an operating room environment. I was fortunate to deliver her in a welcoming and comfortable state of the art Birthing Center. It was my one extraordinary experience that left a lasting impression. I am very grateful for the care I received 28, 24 and 21 years ago and your help will ensure families continue to thrive. 

We create new chapters in our lives when we welcome our little bundles of joy into our world.  Birthing books and birthing babies are each very personal experiences that require courage and vulnerability and a bit of the fear factor sprinkled in for good measure. Books and children inspire us and others, with wonder and joy. Each experience changes our lives and asks each of us each to step up into new roles in society. I am passionate about family and books - birthing babies and birthing books.

The Author Fest Fundraiser 

Authors! Reserve Your VIP Promo Table - Limit 25 (17 left)!

Authors You Are Invited >> Watch Video!

This event supports the two things I'm most passionate about.  The AUTHOR FEST FUNDRAISER on October 5, 2019, is an event to celebrate writers, authors and publishing and supports babies and families too.

It is my hope this inspirational and creative fundraising event allows me to bring the best to the Lakeshore Hospital, while supporting the literary courage, imagination and excellence.  It's my absolute pleasure to create a fundraising event to shine the light on one to support the life-changing work of another.

By helping ME help the Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation,  your donation (no amount too small), will contribute to making a direct impact on patient care at the Birthing Center and purchasing items from their Wish List for the 1800 families who use the facility annually.   


(Visual created by Gael Prosser)

Meet authors, hear their stories, bring your children's favorite book to read with a new children's book author and her book character puppet named Willy Wuz. Listen to different Author Talks, participate in a live Write and Publishing Your Book Q&A Expert Panel and ask anything and everything you've ever wanted to know about the wonderful world of book publishing.  Learn what it takes to become an author from those who have and ARE currently writing books.  Bring your great book ideas and manuscripts for assessment!  Get your hair styled from hairdresser who is currently writing a book about how she has been inspired by her clients from "behind the chair"! 

There's no better way to get ready to become an author in 2020 AND support families who are served by the L.G.H.

Visit my website for more information.

Not an Author? No problem! Here's how you can help. 

Buy a Ticket! Meet the Authors! $20 (first 100 sold enter a draw).

Make a Direct Donation (securely via Canada

No amount is too small, we appreciate every single contribution.  My fundraising commitment goal is a minimum of $5,000. My real goal (Bob Proctor has taught me to always aim HIGH), is $15,000, which represents $5,000 for each of my three children. A worthy goal indeed. 

I would be so grateful if you would join my VIP fundraising team by supporting the Lakeshore Hospital Foundation, the Birthing Center and authors who are courageously gifting their inspirational stories to the world.   

With appreciation, and more news to come,




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~ Carolyn Flower


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