From my window seat at 40,000 feet

For many people, flying is a passive exercise of getting from one location to the next.  For some, it's the perfect time to catch up on reading or work to be completed.

My flying experience is purely meditative. 

I like the window seat.  I prefer it for comfort, I can legitimately lean in on one side, and somehow feel I have just a little more privacy. Maybe it's an illusion, but I thought the comfort was the only reason I preferred it. Turns out, it's a much bigger picture.

During one of my trips last year where I changed seats to help a passenger, I found myself sitting on the isle.  During the flight, a very smooth one, I felt uncomfortable; ill at ease. I couldn't figure out why.  I have plenty of books in my bags to read, and I have my meditations to listen to, but I knew I was missing something, but let it go. 

On my return trip, where I once again sat at my window seat at 40,000 feet, I understood.  


I use my flying time to imagine.  I look out and see unlimited possibilities and potential. And a night sky offers its own magic. It's my golden opportunity to unplug, do nothing except see what I need to see from a much higher vantage point. It is the "top of the mountain" vision I have for your extraordinary stories.  

I use flying time to gain perspective. I rarely read, maybe small talk with a fellow passenger, but for the most part, I prefer a quiet introspective journey. I reconnect within, and I realize too that so much of my most potent creative ideas follow my flights. 


Because without any distractions, my imagination is fully engaged. I am always seeking new ways to be of service.  One of my "superpowers" is seeing YOUR success from the top of the mountain.  I see a vast vista of possibility for every one of my clients, and ideas flow to me effortlessly when I am in this state of allowing.  What do they need more of? What challenges can I solve? How much support will they need as they move toward their vision?

One thing I know for sure, we are all writing our extraordinary stories in real-time and we must allow new ideas to flow to us to grow. If you are comfortable, get uncomfortable. If you aren't excited about your future, get excited by feeling the fear of change, move the messy middle of it...and keep going. Your best life is waiting for you there. This is a very big part of my own extraordinary story, and I'm looking forward to sharing more of it with you in the weeks and months to come. 

Get out of your comfort zone

As I embark on my own 6-week journey of growth and transformation, traveling to Las Vegas, LA, and then to Florida, I want to remind you how much your stories matter.  I encourage you to take a moment to observe your extraordinary stories from a much higher perspective; not from the bottom of the mountain looking UP at the climb, but from the top; from the perspective of the goal achieved, the wish fulfilled.  Imagine it all in the present tense, as if you have already accomplished it. Feel pride.  Feeling IS the secret. I promise you this, if we all use our imagination to deliberately create our lives, we can be at the top of that mountain any time we choose. 

If you would like to borrow my perspective and learn now to magnify yours, let's connect.  Schedule a call with me; it would be my pleasure to help you discover Your Extraordinary Stories and how you can inspire others by sharing it.   

Maybe you'll be my first guest on Your Extraordinary Stories TV and Radio coming very soon! 

With love and gratitude,



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