HAPPY NEW YEAR! Roaring into The 20's!

Happy New Year! Are you ready to ROAR?

I'm grateful for the transformation I (not so willingly?) accepted to face last year to be ready to charge into this decade with roaring passion and discipline and achieve my goals and mission. Many people have expressed to me that 2019 was a year for disrupting old thought patterns, letting go, and allowing change. It was a year to ditch comfort zones to reach new levels of awareness. I agree!

We must always be willing to give up something of a lesser value to gain something of greater value.

It was a year of action and what I believed was the path for growth only one short year ago, turned out to be the essential spark I needed to propel me forward. 

What's so beneficial about using the previous year as a springboard into the new one? Your accomplishments are the evidence and conviction that you are on the right path.  Last year prepared me for my BIGGER Vision for my personal, professional, financial, health, and wealth goals for 2020. 

I honor 2019, and all she taught me. 

But my success comes from helping you succeed. 

I am so proud of the opportunity I have to guide so many of you along your pathway to publishing. What did you achieve in 2019 that you are most proud of? 

Don't waste a moment focusing on what you didn't do. I invite you to focus on your wins of 2019; these create the momentum and the power thrust you need as you roar into this new decade. 

Published Authors of 2019.

I celebrate each one of you who chose to be fearless and become published authors. I love to watch you fly! Everyone begins at the same place, at the starting gate with doubts about whether their story even matters. I am so proud of all of you who built your belief, wrote, and published your signature stories. You are thriving and inspiring others with your book, your brand, and your business - or all three!  

Oxygen Publishing House authors books:

Vartkes NalbandianI Want to Die with a Flag

Jenny Kuspira: (Jenny Q): Sweet Treat

Linda Green: Solving the Post Traumatic Stress Brain Injury Puzzle

Vanessa Venne:  I Love That About Me

Lady C: In My Daughter’s Eyes

Christine Potvin: Purged

Cathy Kontos: Soul Shaker

Naoko Nakajima: Maktub: A Journey Home

Samantha Caroline Lavallee: Beautiful Disaster

Dierdre Dore: Living Nightmare

Katherine Fulwider: Your Side of the Story

JTW in the UK

May in the UK, my favorite place to be. I created a Workshop Series called Become An Author, Build Your Book, and taught an inspiring group of forthcoming authors at the JTW festival for mindful entrepreneurs in Redditch, England. As is often the case, author talk starts with questions about writing and publishing books. Still, it inevitably offers an inner glimpse of our true signature story, and the transformation authorship is meant to unveil. I am grateful to have created so many beautiful relationships.   

Launching Oxygen Publishing to the world

The Oxygen Publishing House Division of Carolyn Flower International was created in December of 2018, and in full swing by February 2019.  I developed this footprint so that our authors would gain international recognition as well as to conduct business in a manner that has always mattered after nearly three decades: with transparency, integrity, and excellence.  I have an outstanding "family" (team) of industry professionals who are laser-focused on your vision and breathing life into your book, brand, and business.

At Oxygen, no book is left uncovered.

Author Fest Fundraiser

As a Partner for Care for the Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation in 2019, I created the Author Fest Fundraiser at the Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club on October 5th.

The generosity and collective efforts of my authors who traveled from near and far to participate, attend, donate, sponsor, promote and support the event, contributed to our donation of $6,500.00 this year.

Congratulations to everyone who helped us reach our goal! I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. 

We have just put the finishing touches on the Author Fest Fundraising Video Montage and I am proud to share it with you on this first day of a roaring new year and decade. 

[Video credit courtesy of Veronica at Memorable Moments Media]

Oxygen Authors of 2020

We've kicked off 2020 with a BANG!  There are already 20 forthcoming authors committed to their #2020Vision to become published authors! What an exceptional way to start this explosive new year of stories, expertise, wisdom, and service. 

What's your next chapter?

What's Your Story? Your Vision Holds the Key

If you would like to clarify YOUR BIG PICTURE, your #2020Vision join me for my next mentorship class:

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When:  Monday, January 6th, 2020

Time: 12 pm noon (EST) | 9 am (PST) | 5 pm (GMT) 

Happy New Year! See you soon!

With love and gratitude,


Carolyn Flower

INTERNATIONAL AUTHOR SUCCESS EXPERT & MENTOR • PUBLISHER • AUTHOR | CEO at Carolyn Flower International | President at Oxygen Publishing House Inc. 

 "Transforming writers dreams into author reality. Inspire yourself to write and publish your book and make a powerful impact on the world." ~ Carolyn Flower

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