Today is my Birthday! It's the perfect day to share BIZ NEWS.

It's been a very interesting year so far, wouldn't you agree? Today, I proudly celebrate another trip around the sun (my 57th!).

It has been a very creative time over these last eight weeks, and I am beyond grateful. I've been keenly focused on the growth of my business, as well as implementing a big goal that I believe will help increase the success of my students and clients.

I notice that although many aspiring and emerging authors are ready to commit to writing and publishing their book, many others are hungry for knowledge and want to learn all they can about the pathway to publishing: how to acquire a toolbox filled with navigational strategies to write and publish books as well as create brands and build businesses.

One of the most important anchors I hold true to is offering clients and students a personalized, human experience - unlike any other publishing company. People doing business with people and for the benefit of other people. Oxygen embodies excellence, communication, transparency, integrity, and FUN. Our team invests in you, your story, and your dream of becoming an author. 

Announcing the new educational division of Oxygen Publishingthe International Academy of Authorship © (IAA)

During the months of March and April, I tested a new 4-week Private Mentorship Program called Shape Your Story. I offered it specifically to clients who had ideas about their book concept but needed guidance and support to create and fine-tune their book idea roadmap, framework, organize concepts, and really discover exactly what they were called to write. The results were outstanding. 

I then mapped out a detailed client experience for every step of my current process.  If you are a business owner, I highly recommend investing time to do this exercise; it changed the trajectory of my business. My theory for the Academy lit up my imagination a year ago, but by taking action and creating the first "product", I was on my way to achieving my goal without even realizing it.

Shape Your Story is available now, and one of the MANY products available at the International Academy of Authorship © (IAA).

I was recently a guest on a podcast and the host noted that I help people write books and become authors.  I realized as I was answering him, that my mission is the other way around:  I help people become authors, then I help them write books. 

Overcoming limiting beliefs stands in the way of so many dedicated writers and fears are often disguised as perceived "obstacles." Mindset mastery, attitude, self-image, goal achievement, discipline, and commitment are the cornerstones of any accomplishment - including becoming an author and writing a book. It's for this reason that more education is needed and just publishing books is not enough.

The IAA offers fast-track laser coaching, private mentorship, group coaching, and online self-study that guides you every step of the way so that publishing your book will be the most natural next step - the ultimate goal - authorship.  Imagine how you will feel when you know the right steps to take, have the answers you seek with accountability, and can confidently move towards building authority in the marketing and inspiring others with your words and wisdom.

I will teach some of these programs and I will also offer clients and students the opportunity to meet and work with a hand-chosen elite group of industry professionals who will teach integral steps as well as complimentary knowledge that I feel would be extremely valuable.

In short: I will offer everything you've ever wanted to know about writing and publishing a book and then some!

Here are just some of the products, programs, and curriculum available now and coming, June 1st:   

  • *Masterclasses
  • *Micro-Group (max 4) Coaching
  • *Online Training Programs using the 5-Pillar Pathway to       Publishing Method 
  • *Online Summits
  • *Mindset Mastery 
  • *Book Study Mastermind
  • *Writing Challenges 
  • *Webinar Guest Speaker Series 
  • *Membership 
  • *Products and Merchandise 
  • *Guest Author EBOOKs 
  • *More Become An Author With Ease LIVE Retreats
  • *Online Bookstore for all Oxygen authors to sell their books


  • Ask Me Anything (90-4-90 Fast Track) with Carolyn Flower (available now)
  • Shape Your Story with Carolyn Flower (available now)
  • Conquer Your Fear and Write Your Book with Emanuel Svechinsky
  • Develop Your Story with Shari Reinhart
  • Edit Your Story "LIVE" with Richard Tardif
  • You Are Your Brand with Carolyn Flower
  • Implementing StoryBrand For Authors with Russ Stalters

Masterclasses in motion: Valerie Connell, Donna McIntyre, Kathy Lane, Monika Kovacs, and more. 


Our exceptional team at Oxygen Publishing is ready to guide you through every step of the publishing process.  Simply schedule an appointment below and tell us about your book. 


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3) Weekly Inner Circle Mentor Call (register here)   

COMING SOON to YouTube & Podcast


Every story is significant. Every story matters.  Carolyn Flower interviews inspiring guests from all over the world who are willing to share their extraordinary stories. 

WELCOME to the wonderful world of Oxygen Publishing. Authority by the Book.

I'm looking forward to meeting you!

Life Writes Extraordinary Stories. Let's Tell Yours! 

Carolyn Flower



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"Transforming writers dreams into author reality. Inspire yourself to write and publish your book, amplify your authority, and make a powerful impact on the world." ~ Carolyn Flower

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