Webclass Wednesday LIVE! Abracadabra! The W5 Magic Questions

 Begin with the end in mind.

“You must imagine yourself right into the state of your fulfilled desire...the world which we describe from observation must be as we describe it relative to  ourselves. Our imagination connects us with the state desired. But we must use imagination masterfully, not as an onlooker thinking of the end, but as a partaker thinking from the end. We must actually be there in imagination. If we do this, our subjective experience will be realized objectively. This is not mere fancy, but a truth you can prove by experience...the secret is thinking from the end. Every state is already there as “mere possibility” as long as you think of it, but is overpoweringly real when you think from it.” ~ Neville Goddard
Awakened Imagination © 1954. The Search © 1946. Chapter Two, pp 9-10. Devorss & Company, Publisher, USA.

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Abracadabra! The W5 Magic Questions You Must Answer Before Writing Your Book

The first signpost along your book-writing journey is actually not the writing of your book. I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but the magic of you becoming an author is found when you dial it back and ask yourself five key questions ~ and asking yourself how you'll write your book is not one of them.  One of the most significant first steps is to identify the inspiration that will serve to stimulate and motivate you, solidify your commitment and inevitably drive you to take consistent action that produces momentum and desired results. Once you have decided to write your book, I encourage you to answer these W5 Magic Questions. 

Join me for this week's Webclass Wednesday Live! and learn what these W5 magic questions are and how you can begin answering them right away. The answers will significantly shape your signature story and author success.  Discover how important it is to focus your attention on the feeling of the goal already achieved and when you do, how the magic will show up to support your book-writing journey.   

Join me LIVE and I'll share the link to download my author-approved interactive 26-page Author Success GPS ~ Your Independent Publishing Roadmap and Guide so you can begin at once. Move toward your book's writing and completion with a new understanding of the signposts along your pathway to publishing.     

March 13, 2019 @ 8:00 pm Eastern (EST) | 5 p.m. Pacific (PST).


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