Webclass Wednesday LIVE! Meet Author, Manuscript Consultant and Editor, Shari Reinhart

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Meet Shari Reinhart, author, manuscript consultant, ghostwriter and editor. 

When Oprah chose her to read from her personal journals on a post-911 November 2001 Oprah Winfrey show about gratitude, that was all the validation Shari needed to start her freelance writing career.

Reading, writing, journaling and imagining outside the box of her traditional upbringing, Shari was born to work her way to higher states of being and connection with like-minded people.

Today, Shari works with aspiring and accomplished authors to put their experience, expertise and excellence out into the world. She does so by infusing all their knowledge with the heart, soul and sometimes vulnerability that people are eager to read these days.

Her pet peeve? When people say, “Hey, I need an editor, anyone know someone?”  No! No! No! – never just hire an editor without understanding what editors do.

Editing is a broad a category!

In this week's Webclass Wednesday LIVE!, Shari will share her professional insight to help you determine what you need from an editor.  We'll discuss the different levels of editing, the editing process and how to determine what you need when you are transforming your book from your head to paper, and the most important next phase of editing and quality refinement before your book is shared with the world.  Shari loves questions so please, come prepared to ask away!

Wednesday, March 6 @ 8:00 pm EST  | 5 p.m. Pacific PST on Zoom Webinar

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Meet Shari who joins us from the west island of Montreal. Ask questions and learn things you've always wanted to know.

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Join me for this hour of power. You'll be glad you did.

REGISTER for Webclass Wednesday LIVE! here 

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