Webclass Wednesday LIVE! Your Author Brand (Part II). Build A Massive Author Brand and Create A Location Independent Business.

There’s NEVER been a better time to be an entrepreneur ~  or for aspiring and emerging authors, an "authorpreneur". 

The opportunity and ability to go from random idea to a profitable business is easier and quicker than ever before.

And even more so for those of us who have Knowledge Commerce businesses, because we don’t need expensive inventory or additional real estate, but instead leverage our ability to serve clients around the world and sell course content, expertise, digital products and information.

According to a report released by REUTERS in June of last year, the already booming "E-Learning" industry is expected to reach a $275-Billion-dollar valuation within the next 4 years!

So if there ever was a time to launch your brand and online business teaching others what you know and love, that time is now. Seriously. 

So what does a picture of a beach and a business have in common? They are both achievable by becoming an author, building your author brand and a thriving business beyond your book.

Coming up next on Webclass Wednesday Live! on April 17th.  

Your Author Brand (Part II). Build A Massive Author Brand and Create A Location Independent Business.


April 17, 2019 @ 8:00 pm Eastern (EDT) | 5 p.m. Pacific (PST).

One of the most enticing reasons to write your book and create a business you love is to be able to serve your readers, clients and students from anywhere in the world. If it is your desire to create a "location independent" business, I'm can tell you from personal experience that it's well worth it AND I'm going to share with you how to do it in our next Webclass Wednesday LIVE!Your Author Brand (Part II) Build A Massive Author Brand and Create A Location Independent Business.

As an author(ity), a thought leader and authorpreneur, learning the ropes of creating your brand, whether online or in person, will be a top priority.  You will only be able to leverage a business once you have established yourself as an expert.  To do so, you will need to be seen and more importantly, trusted. 

It will be important for you to collaborate with influencers, communicate your "why", create content and know how and when to reach out to the media.

But where to begin?

What comes first ~ the brand or the book?  When I meet with aspiring authors in the early stages of development, I try to gain an understanding of their purpose.  (More on that in next week's Webclass!).  Purpose and vision drive us forward.  We can then reverse engineer our roadmap.

Whichever stage you're at right now, you will want to develop these seven main areas of self-promotion to establish visibility in the marketplace in order to communicate your mission and message to your readers and followers: 

  1. Forthcoming Book 
  2. Social Media Visuals
  3. Instagram
  4. Facebook Page/Group
  5. LinkedIn
  6. Web Domain & Website
  7. Knowledge Commerce: Course/Program/Membership

Join me for this week's Webclass Wednesday Live!  We'll break down each of these areas that authors must become familiar with in order to market and sell books and create a brand that will translate into a business you can easily operate from anywhere in the world.  I'll share my screen to give you a clearer picture from my own back office dashboards so you can take action to begin creating your brand right away.

Your Author Brand (Part II) Build A Massive Author Brand and Create A Location Independent Business.


April 17, 2019 @ 8:00 pm Eastern (EDT) | 5 p.m. Pacific (PST).

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Ask questions and learn things you've always wanted to know.

Join me for this hour of power. You'll be glad you did.

What's YOUR story? It's time to write, publish and inspire! 

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I believe that every individual’s story matters and the powerfully inspiring impact of sharing these stories with the world."

~ Carolyn Flower


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