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Founding Partners Carolyn Flower and JP Martel accept manuscript submissions at Oxygen Publishing House.


OXYGEN Publishing House is co-founded by authors Carolyn Flower and JP Martel. They are headquartered in the picturesque and artistic town of Hudson, Quebec and officially opened their doors last month.  Oxygen is an integrative, client-driven publishing company devoted to discovering, cultivating and developing emerging and known authors internationally and sharing their stories with the world.

Now accepting manuscripts submissions in both official languages.

Oxygen Publishing is now accepting manuscript submissions in English and French on their website.

At OXYGEN, no book is left uncovered.  


Flower and Martel lead your team of publishing professionals who offer a breath of fresh air in an industry that often classifies a book simply as a product, instead of elevating it to the status it deserves - an author's vision. Your book is an integral part of you, your brand and your future. No matter the genre you choose to write, your vision is key and our mission at OXYGEN Publishing is to help breath life into your books. We offer clients next gen options to guide your pathway to publishing, all under one roof at OXYGEN: Concept consulting, author coaching and online programs, manuscript assessment, writing and development, ghostwriting, content editing and architecture, proofreading, copywriting, creative and graphic design, author and business branding, website integration, marketing and promotion, publishing, distribution and online knowledge commerce.


Carolyn, Elizabeth Corker (Mayor of Hudson in 2008) and JP, welcome hundreds of guests to the town. 

That was then.  

If you build it, they will come…

Back in the day, Carolyn and Jean-Pierre came up with a unique idea to attract a whole new crowd to the Hudson Village Theatre. Their recipe for success was simple: find a corporate sponsor; add a special weekend commuter train from Montreal; mix in a little lively music during the ride and voila! ... Hudson and our theatre became an instant hit for hundreds!  Their initiative helped breathe new life into this year-round facility and twelve years later the theatre continues to thrive!”

Elizabeth Corker
Former Mayor of Hudson (2005 – 2009)

This is now.  OXYGEN Publishing House is a company created by authors, for authors. Whether you’re just beginning to write or have completed your manuscript and are ready to publish and launch your book brand and beyond, our mission is your vision.

In addition to the services needed to produce a world class book, our professional author coaching programs provide unparalleled support and expertise far beyond the creation of your book. This is a key element for sustainable author success. Writing a book often feels like a solitary journey. At OXYGEN, you are never alone. It’s our next gen personalized publishing ​promise​ to you.

Life Writes Extraordinary Stories. Let’s Tell Yours.


OXYGEN Publishing House​ publishes all genres, including: fiction, non-fiction, self-help, personal growth and transformation, professional and business, children’s, memoir and legacy life stories. Publish and distribute your book as a paperback, a hardcover and/or digital.  We are also committed to the evolution of French-language literary work from the Québec marketplace to broaden its reach globally.

So, come on over to our House.


Carolyn Flower and JP Martel, Founding Partners of the Oxygen Publishing House, at their offices on Main Road in Hudson, Quebec 


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Life writes extraordinary stories. Let's tell yours.


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